The Tokens of PeerMe

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Used for all services including Peering Boosting.

Core Token
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Is received by providing liquidity on xExchange.com.

Stake for Lifetime Rewards
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Is earned by boosting one's favorite Peerings.

Stake for Lifetime Rewards

Use your $SUPER to

  • Vote on important Proposals in PeerMe DAO
  • Set NFT Avatars for your PEERID or Peerings
  • Create a Peering DAO yourself
  • Boost your favorite Peering DAOs to enable powerful extras (coming soon)
  • Boost for lifetime passive income (coming soon)
Super Boost Logo

Boost Peerings with $SUPER

Peering DAOs are powerful by default. Contribute by boosting your favorite Peerings to unlock even more powerful features.

Coming soon

Boosting Perks for Peering DAOs

I. Super

?coming soon

II. Hyper

?coming soon

III. Ultra

?coming soon

Boosting Perks for You

  • Minting $SUPERPOWER to stake for passive income (soon)
  • A neat booster badge on your PEERID
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Stake once. Earn Forever.

Put your $SUPEREGLD and $SUPERPOWER to work to qualify for a lifetime share of profits generated by PeerMe.

Coming soon